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A Set of Documents for Compliance

A Set of Documents for Compliance

A full set of GDPR Compliance documents is a myth. We’ve packed all the experience and expertise from more than 50 Data Privacy Officers into a slick and secure software package. We provide carefully arranged templates and specific documents including records, reports, observations, and verbal responses required to verify compliance with standards by the automated SaaS solution. Quickly comply with requirements and avoid expensive consultancy fees.

Privacy Notice Generator

Privacy Notice Generator

+ Integrated, automated, and highly customizable tool to get a comprehensive and up-to-date Privacy Notice on your website. By using it you’re doing more than just following the rules and keeping yourself legally safe and sound in the face of a disgruntled visitor.

A Privacy Notice is a critical element in protecting yourself legally, and some countries require them by law.

Data Protection Scope

Data Protection Scope

The scope of the data must be adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary. With our automated tool, you will be able to identify all the personal data that needs to be handled specifically by your company and in your industry, following the basic principles of GDPR: accurate and non-excessive.

Cookies Policy & Consent Management

Cookies Policy & Consent Management

Our built-in Cookies Policy and Cookies Consent Management tool frees up your time to work on your business instead of worrying about compliance. You are in full control of which cookies are set on your or your clients’ websites. Instead of leaving it up to your website visitors to opt-in or opt-out of up to several hundred third party cookie providers, we offer your visitors a simple, general choice on four types of cookies across all cookie providers.

Record of Processing Activities (RoPA)

Record of Processing Activities (RoPA)

As a controller or processor, companies are responsible for creating and maintaining a RoPA and keeping a record of all processing activities they perform. We provide a supervisory tool that shows you the current situation of your data processing activities. In practice, updates must be made when any changes to processing conditions are made, such as new categories, purposes of data usage, or new third party recipients of data. This makes our RoPA a so-called living document that needs to be updated when necessary. It helps with performing regular reviews of the information you process to ensure your documentation remains accurate and up-to-date.

This is how we support you in your everyday work

GDPR Presentation Template

You definitely should conduct trainings for your colleagues and present your GDPR Compliance Action plan to the Board of Directors. Use our GDPR presentation template, specially tailored for your needs as a DPO.

Download Presentation
GDPR Presentation Template
DSR Roadmap

DSR Roadmap

Follow our Data Subject Request Roadmap to be ready for any situation that may occur during each step of compliance.

GDPR DSR Programm: General scheme GDPR DSR Programm: Providing information GDPR DSR Programm: Subject identification stage GDPR DSR Programm: Response to a subject's request

How it works?

Watch a 7 minute video

How it works? Video
  • Identify what personal data you have and where it resides
  • Govern how personal data is used and accessed
  • Establish security controls to prevent, detect, and respond to vulnerabilities & data breaches
  • Store required documentation and manage data requests and breach notifications
  • Download all your documents and filled in templates in useful PDF or Excel formats

As a bonus, get access to the valuable practical materials required for the important part of working with GDPR Compliance - Data Subject Requests Managing Full Guidance for small companies and start-ups!

5 different tariffs

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5 easy-to-use tools to get "GDPR Ready" status just in 48 working hours.

Privacy Notice + Cookie Consent + RoPA + DSR + GDPR Assessment management modules allow you to become GDPR compliant without deep diving into all the legislation and regulations.

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5 different tariffs

Free Trial

A simple way for small teams to get started on the road to becoming GDPR compliant.

14-days unlimited access to all modules in single-window mode and to effectively validate your GDPR compliance.

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Perfectly suited to startups and entrepreneurs.

It allows you to keep records of data processing, organize your work with data subject requests, and to evaluate your current level of GDPR compliance.

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GDPR compliance solution designed for up to 10 users.

Prepare all necessary documents in a short time, evaluate your current level of compliance, and organize your document workflow.

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A GDPR compliance solution for organizations with more than 250 employees.

Optimize performance and data processing activities for an unlimited number of users. An easy-to use service with proven security.

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Why Us and why right now?

GDPR Easy to Install and Use

Easy to Install and Use

Once you’ve created all your policies and consent forms, you’ll have them forever! No need to make hundreds of copies and versions and to keep them all on your computers!

GDPR Always Up-to-Date

Always Up-to-Date

We’ll automatically update all of your documents to meet the requirements of any new laws or regulations.

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Sergey Kretsu

Sergey Kretsu

Founder and CEO

Welcome to Defendocs!

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make our company an outstanding provider of essential GDPR compliance and Data Privacy services.

Data privacy is the most important issue today when our world looks very different - digitalized and insecure. We ensure that you begin to comply with GDPR as quickly as possible with minimum costs for organizing this work.

We created Defendocs based on our personal experience of building automated cloud solutions for securing people’s Data Privacy. Our team did a lot of research work and made Defendocs a simple, fast and useful service for GDPR Compliance automation in a cloud system.

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