Outsourcing the DPO function to our European
specialists means a guarantee of successful
implementation of GDPR requirements

Your personal DPO

Outsourcing the DPO function to Defendocs means guaranteeing successful compliance with GDPR compliance requirements. It is also an effective way to reassure your customers and partners.
Our document packages are tailored to all types of structures, and we prepare them within one week
and then automate the processes through our SaaS throughout your work with you.

Turnkey DPO solution


for your customers that their data
is protected


for partners by demonstrating their
compliance with the law


daily data protection risk management

Why you choose Defendocs — Turnkey

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Quality expertise

You don't have the time or expertise in-house,
our experts have proven expertise in GDPR
and personal data protection

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Assurances for regulators

An independent DPO is protected from any conflict
of interest and will facilitate your compliance and
day-to-day management

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IT Solution

Our product combines the expertise of over
50 external DPOs with a technology service developed by one of the leading development teams to automate GDPR processes for each specific business.

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Time and flexibility

Specialists who can adapt to the specifics of your business. Defendocs "turnkey" gives you clear and responsive answers to your requests or your users' requests for their personal data

Which companies need a GDPR
compliance assessment?

The following categories of companies are primarily subject to GDPR:

  • Organizations that sell goods or provide services to EU consumers, such as hotels, air carriers, online retailers, and others
  • Startups and businesses planning to enter the EU market
  • Subsidiaries of large Russian companies located in the EU

What is included in our turnkey DPO solution

Basic GDPR quick-start kit

With it, business is fully GDPR compliant (website, mobile app, business processes in marketing
and HR, sales, helpdesk)


Audit your website and Cookiebot
set up (user consent management


Creation of initial GDPR
compliance package (Data Protection
Scope + new SCC)


Pre-filled templates of policies
and procedures for Personal Data

Current risks analisys for your company

A detailed report identifying compliance gaps as well as recommendations for implementing the necessary changes quickly, without disrupting business processes. Allows you to prevent possible cyber-attacks and confirm the security of users' personal data.


Recording of Data processing
operations as a Data controller (RoPa)


Advice on compliance
with new data processing activities


Support in developing policies
and procedures for internal GDPR


Continuous and automated
reporting capability to regulators


Unique templates to respond
to requests from Personal Data subjects


Experience of international IS experts

A Defendocs team of over 50 recognised certified Data Privacy professionals with 10+ years of experience in auditing various infrastructures and internationally recognised IS certificates - GDPR DPP, PCI QSA, IAPP, CISA, CISSP, PME and others.


Support in case of breach of GDPR
and local laws on Personal Data
Protection in each EU Country


Regular informing about legislative


Training your staff in the correct
handling of Personal Data

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